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Let’s move to the Capitol


If you have read or watched the Hunger Games, you know that Katniss Everdeen’s living conditions are not the greatest. There is no social or economic mobility. Food is hard to come by, and they have limited room for freedoms. The capitol on the other hand, is a luxury galore. People care about altering their bodies to look like cats or butterflies, they watch children kill each other and call it entertainment, and they also throw parties where they eat until they are full, throw up, and eat until they are full, throw up again, and continue to eat.


No one really mentions it, but I’m sure the Capitol citizens have access to wonderful education and careers. They have enough privileges that allow them to live without worrying about their next meal or their children having to fight for their death.


If you were Katniss Everdeen, and you knew about the Capitol, the place where your family could be safe and healthy, and there was a way to get there, would you go? Even if it was illegal and there was a chance for a fatal accident to take place, there are multiple brave hearts that would enroll on such quest for a better life. We want to be free, happy, and full—its human nature.


For some Americans, I’m sure it is much easier to support Katniss Everdeen than Noemi Alvarez Quillay, a little girl who was traveling to America from Ecuador illegally to be reunited with her parents. Now I can’t say she didn’t have food security or access to quality education, but for some people, that is the case, and they view migrating to this country as an alternative for a better life.


How is this media related?


This is a fairly political issue, but I’m not here to tell you to be pro-immigration reform but to think about the way immigrants are talked about. In the news, as well as other media outlets, we often hear the term “illegal aliens.” This makes phrase makes these people sound dangerous because they are are illegal (criminal), but it also dehumanizes them by “othering” them because they are aliens (unfamiliar).


I really just want to put a face to the people who are continuously referred to as “illegal aliens,” because many of them are good people who are looking to work for a better life. They are mothers, fathers, daughters, song, brothers, and sisters. They are families; they are people. So, next time you want to have a intelligent discussion about immigration, remember that the politically correct term is “undocumented immigrants.”


The first step to abusing people’s human rights is by making them seem unhuman; don’t be part of the process, stop the process.

Plantation Daze

Susan X Jane

Just as the LA Clippers are getting ready to suit up for a promising post season game, Clippers Owner Donald Sterling was busted on tape making a host of horrible racist comments.  Recorded by his girlfriend–a 20-something woman of color–Sterling  ranted for nearly 10 minutes , including these fine comments curated by TMZ:

“It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?” (3:30)

“You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want.  The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games.” (5:15)

“I’m just saying, in your lousy f******* Instagrams, you don’t have to have yourself with, walking with black people.” (7:45)

Thankfully the officials at the NBA promise to get to the bottom of things with an investigation–and even promise…

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You know what the cruelest part of the Hunger Games is? Forcing children into an arena everyone knows will take their lives away.


Fortunately, in the real world we love children and most of us can agree that children need to be protected, which is why, today, disappointment fills this post. Robert H. Richards IV was NOT convicted after admitting he raped his three-year-old daughter.


The oxford definition of prison is “a building in which people are legally held as a punishment for crimes they have committed or while awaiting trial.” Raping and molesting children is illegal, so… why is prison not suitable for this rapist? According to Judge Jan Jurden, this rapist would benefit more from a Sex Offenders rehabilitation program; apparently prison deals are more appropriate for other people who need to be separated from our society, like drug addicts.

If the rapists wasn’t a rich heir, would he still be considered unfit for prison?


How is this related to media? 

This guy is a rapists, by making an exemption simply because he is a wealthy, heterosexual male paints an unfortunate picture about our government: we treat people differently based on wealth and race, no matter how bad the crime may be.


If this rapists was a middle aged male of color, and wasn’t as rich as this guy, would the judge have found him “unfit” for prison too?


I would also like to bring to your attention that it is perfectly legal to create pornography that insinuates rape, that is, a father having sex with his own child or someone who is underage. Also, pornography featuring virtual adults having sex with virtual children is a thing. A legal thing, all made possible in the name of “freedom of speech.” So when such violent media is perfectly legal in our country, are we really surprised when fathers rape their daughters and get away with it? We can’t possibly expect this kind of media to exist and not wonder where the demand is coming from.

We run together.

I love the Boston Marathon for all that it inspires. I love my city for all of its strength.

Predators in the Arena


A few days ago I was on Facebook and came across a link a few people had shared. The link was to a blog titled “Black Girls Are Easy,” which I think aims to give girls advice on dating and what makes them “wifey material.” The entire blog speaks of relationships through a patriarchal, sexist lens, insisting that women are responsible for the fate of their relationships. Apparently, if I man only wants to have sex with a woman with no intensions of a serious relationship or marriage, it’s due to a lack of female integrity and capability. Every argument in this blog is grounded on women-hate and lack of male responsibility, and it is alarming to see people share it because they agree with it, not out of rage and disapproval.

Here are two highlights and my two cents. (Quick side note: The following quotes are filled with grammatical errors and slurs. By no means is any of this my own words; I simply wanted to use direct quotes for a better discussion).


Quote #1:

“Men love pussy, but we do not marry Pussy. A man may show Pussy off to his friends. He might buy Pussy gifts. Occasionally Pussy gets to come out of the house and get treated for dinner. Pussy even gets pregnant and becomes the Baby Mama. But he NEVER EVER marries Pussy. All men see women as Pussy initially, but after a few conversations we can decide if she’s more.”

Let’s redirect responsibility in this scenario. Bringing human life into this world is a male and female commitment. Here “slut-shaming” the “baby mama” is nothing but a sad excuse to avoid paternal responsibilities. They’re called condoms, and they are a great investment.

Quote #2:

“There are more important things than who Chris Brown is fucking. If I wanted to date a woman with the life experience of a 17 year old I would have become a gym teacher or a stepfather. Stop being afraid to ask questions, reseal things you don’t understand, have a desire to be the best dressed at the part and the most interesting.”

Women are not the problem, the male socialization to appreciate sex and only sex and its normalization is the problem. Why have we set the standards for male self-respect so low? Men are not sexual animals who have brains with no capability of self-control, but we have normalized this notion to the point that most people miss and are unalarmed by rapists statements like “if I wanted to date a woman with the life experience of a 17 year old I would have become a gym teach or a stepfather.” This kind of statement turns women into mere vaginas, nothing else; and if that isn’t bad enough, it portrays and accepts men as sexual predators who see no boundaries to what vaginas they demand access to, not even age.


It’s called rape culture ladies & gentlemen, and agreeing to this way of thinking perpetuates the problem.